About Social Enterprise Outcomes Ltd

Social Enterprise Outcomes is a business support practice headed up by Dave Kilroy.

It is a specialist consultancy providing business support services and management training for social enterprises, voluntary and community organisations and the wider third sector.

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About Dave Kilroy

Dave has over 20 years of providing support to social enterprises (endorsed by SFEDI*) - and provides a range of flexible, client centred services.

He is a highly effective driver of development in third sector settings.  An innovative problem-solver who works with others to generate ‘Aha’ and ‘Wow’ solutions.

Generic Skills

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Organisational History

The First of May 2006 was chosen as an auspicious start-date to start this new venture which has its roots firmly in the third sector. Since then we have delivered business skills workshops, facilitated planning sessions, conducted research, one-to-one coaching, review sessions etc.

During 2007-8 Social Enterprise Outcomes Ltd. was a founding partner in a partnership called The Tool Factory to create new business support products for the Third Sector. It was during this time the first versions of Business Plan Writer were created as well as other exciting products such as 'E-NewsWriter' and the 'Social Impact Tracker'.

Business Plan Writer is our first product and with ACEVO (the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations) we developed the 'Full Cost Business Planner' (find out more at www.fullcostrecovery.org.uk).

Having created these new products the partners felt it was time to move on and focus on their core interests - hence the birth of 'Business Plan Insight' to develop and promote Business Plan Writer (and other tools).

Business Plan Writer is available for sale from www.businessplaninsight.com

SFEDI* = Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative


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