In this section you may find some useful stuff - useful if you are thinking about setting up or managing a third sector organisation ...

Concept Outline Worksheet

You may have an idea for a new product or service - but do you find it changes each time you explain it to someone? To take your brilliant concept for a product further you need to spend a bit of time 'fleshing out' exactly what it is (and isn't). This worksheet poses the blindingly obvious questions that sometimes never get asked and even lets you score your idea so you can compare it against others. Download Concept Outline

Sales 'What If' Scenario Builder

This spreadsheet lets you play around with figures while it calculates your sales figures, total income and gross profit. You can use this in the early stages of planning but remember to move to something less formulae driven and more realistic as time goes by. Download Sales Scenario Builder

Sample Cashflow Forecast

A simple template of a cashflow forecast, with associated notes. Download Cashflow Forecast template

Sample Profit & Loss Account

A template helping you to work out your gross and net profit figures. Download Profit & Loss template

Sample Balance Sheet

This simple template of a balance sheet lets your know when it doesn't balance! With an associated workbook to record your notes. Download Balance Sheet template

Sample Budget

A simple template allowing you to record estimated real figures and to compare variances, with an associated workbook to record your notes. Download Budget template

Note: all of the above are downloaded as zip files containing Microsoft Excel or Word files.